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Vol. 20 No. 1 (2024): Diskursus - Jurnal Filsafat dan Teologi STF Driyarkara

DISKURSUS (ISSN 1412-3878; e-ISSN 2580-1686) is an academic journal that publishes original and peer-reviewed works in the areas of philosophy and theology. It also welcomes works resulting from interdisciplinary research at the intersections between philosophy/theology and other disciplines, notably exegesis, linguistics, history, sociology, anthropology, politics, economics, and natural sciences. DISKURSUS aims to disseminate novel philosophical and theological ideas to scholars in the same fields, as well as to the wider public.

DISKURSUS adalah jurnal ilmiah filsafat dan teologi serta ilmu pengetahuan yang berhubungan dengan kedua ilmu tersebut. DISKURSUS bertujuan menyebarluaskan pemikiran filosofis dan teologis yang otentik, analitis dan kritis kepada kalangan akademisi dan khalayak umum.

All articles in vol.20 no.1 (2024) were authored by 8 authors from 6 affiliations and 3 countries (Macau S.A.R. China, United Kingdom, and Indonesia)

Published: 2024-04-06


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